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UG Requirements for Law students

Applicants to the LLB Part 1 must obtain one of the following:

  1. A graduate or undergraduate degree (BA, BSc) from the University of Guyana or other recognized universities.
  2. GCE Examination in five (5) subjects, at least two of which must be at the advanced level, and the remainder English Language must be one of the subjects and passes at CXC/CSEC must be Grade I, or II.
  3. A Diploma from the University of Guyana or other recognized Universities.
  4. Candidates who have completed a Preliminary year at the University of Guyana i.e the first year of the Degree Programme of any Department. (Successful completion of the Preliminary Year will not automatically guarantiee a student admission to the LLB Programme. The candidate must achieve a satisfactory grade point average in her/his examinations)
  5. Mature applicants who have been associated with the practice of law. These applicants may be required to complete a preliminary year before being admitted to the LLB Part 1 programme.

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