Name Designation
Ms. Joycelin Kim Kyte-Thomas  Solicitor General
Ms. Deborah Kumar Deputy Solicitor General
Ms. Beverley Bishop-Cheddie Assistant Solicitor General
Mr. Charles Fung-A-Fatt Chief Parliamentary Counsel
Ms. Jennifer Mc Calman Public Trustee/Official Receiver
Mrs. Ananda Dhurjon Legislative Drafting Consultant
Ms. Joann Bond Senior Parliamentary Counsel
Ms. Judy Stuart-Adonis Principal Legal Adviser
Ms. Oneka Acher-Caulder Principal Legal Adviser
Ms. Collene Liverpool State Counsel
Ms. Joan Ann Edghill-Stuart State Counsel
Ms. Utieka John State Counsel
Ms. Ariel Haynes Parliamentary Counsel
Ms. Cheyenne Lall Parliamentary Counsel
Ms. Diane Woolford Parliamentary Counsel
Ms. Kayreen Stephenson Parliamentary Counsel
Ms. Ronetta Sargent Parliamentary Counsel
Ms. Atesha Christie PRO/PA to Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs
Ms. Tracy Marks State Counsel 
Ms. Renee King-Sandiford Legal Assistant
Ms. Leah Isaacs Legal Assistant
Ms. Rayon Bynoe Legal Assistant
Mr. John Fraser  Legal Assistant