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Staff members of the Attorney General’s Chambers entertaining the children with Christmas carols (Adrian Narine photo)

THE Ministry of Legal Affairs and Attorney General’s Chambers put smiles on the faces of children at the National Rehabilitation Complex (formerly the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre) through a Christmas cheer visit on Friday, when numerous gifts were distributed.

Attorney-General Basil Williams distributing toys to one of the children of the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre ( Adrian Narine photo)

Attorney-General Basil Williams led the team during the event. “This is the celebration of Jesus Christ and it’s a Christian celebration; but not withstanding that it’s Christian in nature and orientation, all Guyanese, regardless of religion, race, colour or creed, celebrate Christmas as we know it in Guyana,” Minister Williams said in remarks.

He added that the season is really one for children and one to remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

The children of the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre during the Christmas celebration ( Adrian Narine photo)

“At this time things look very bright for you, the children of Ptolemy Reid, because you have oil and we will ensure that the new-found wealth that is generated from the oil will be spent toward the centre. Our aim is that the centre would be a centre that caters to all types of physiotherapy, and we will ensure that when we get the funds to do it, there will be a brand new facility so that in an effort to ensure that our children could be rehabilitated, we know the technology and the experts that do it are very expensive, but we will encourage the minister to budget for several children a year to have the opportunity to get their specific procedures done, so that you would be able to have the chance to run and play and have access to every opportunity that life has to offer,” said Williams.

The event was the third celebration hosted by the ministry, which believes that such efforts help to focus on the true meaning of Christmas. At the event, the children were entertained by songs, poems, gifts from the AG’s Chambers staff and each child received a meal.